This is my sexy wife in front of my sexy mistress. LOL. The mistress will get redone soon. It is a 1979 Chevrolet Impala with a 350 cu. in. engine with all kinds of special goodies inside. So special, the guy who built it won't even tell me what is inside. It has lots of horsepower though. I plan to put twin turbos in it eventually and paint it with a velvet metallic blue.
Every now and then I help out on the tracks. This was Madras Speedway in August 2009. I am not sure whose truck this is, but it was pretty fast.
Oh ya, boats go here too. This is a 1960 Chris Craft 31' long.
Sadly, I got stuck shortly after this pic was taken. That mud was like snot on ice. Jones Creek is awesome.
Pittman & Davis
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